Michael’s mission is for you to taste the freshness of the food and escape mediocrity.  In it’s preparation and integrity, Flybird is on par with fine dining , but it is also everyday food you can eat guilt-free in an unpretentious chickenjoint.

Chef Salmon has distilled all his knowledge to create a chicken that is juicy, flavorful and wonderfully charred.The entire menu is built on seasonality and produce that can always be delivered daily and locally grown if possible. Every morning trays of fresh garlic and lemons are prepped to perfection, the cilantro sauce is mixed and the grill is fired up….and voila…the Flybird chicken experience is ready to enjoy.

Delicious Simplicity

The simplicity and wonders of garlic. Taste and health combined. Slow-roasted in the oven for a mild, rich flavor you can enjoy with worrying about the "garlic smell".

Sweet Acidity

Lemons add the acidity and brightness that accompanies the chicken perfectly. For added flavor, the lemon is chargrilled. Looks pretty too!

Fresh Brightness

Every morning we mix together our special sauce of cilantro and peppers. Its not spicy but its wonderfully bright and flavorful.

Taste the Fire

Our chicken, lemons, bread and broccoli are chargrilled on a custom built wood and mesquite grill, that gives an unsurpassed and unique flavor

A Better Bird

Our chickens are all natural. They have NO antibiotics, NO hormones, NO steroids. They enjoy a vegan diet and are free roaming. Our chicken breasts are “Never-Ever” meaning there are no added antibiotics ever. This is simply the purest product available.


Charred Broccoli

Fresh broccoli from the grill, its our most popular side.

Roasted Beets with Dill and Lemon

We roast our own beets, and top them with a light dressing of lemon and dill. Envigorating!

Mac & 3 Cheeses

Macaroni in a delicious blend of cheddar, parmesan and gruyere , topped with crispy parmesan

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

A favorite side dish. Our mashed potatoes are topped with a homemade old school gravy - giblets, livers and all.


In Delray Beach

Salads & Sandwiches

Our Famous Frybird

There is a reason this sandwich has a following. The chicken is superbly crispy, the sauce has a kick, and the coleslaw is fresh. Plus the chicken we use, is the best chicken available.

Greek Salad

Made to order, with chicken from the grill.

Caesar Salad

Best chicken available, chargrilled, croutons cut & toasted in house...

Power Meal

Perfect for a guilt-free super healthy meal. Our Never Ever chicken chargrilled to order, and your choice of grilled broccoli or salad.

Drinks & Desserts

Freshly Baked Cookies

Every morning the trays go in the oven, for that lovely warm cookie smell! Chef Michael likes his chocolate chip cookie chewy and crispy, and he spent a long time developing the perfect recipe. 

Mango Tapioca

This is the chefs favorite dessert. Local mangoes covering a home-made coconut tapioca pudding. Refreshing, light and flavorful. No sugar added, no gluten and no dairy.

Tamarind Lemonade

We squeeze lemons and we add the lovely tamarind fruit, for a natural sweet tropical flavor.