Meet Michael

chief cook  & bottlewasher

Michael has been a part of the New York restaurant scene since the 80’s and worked along the best chef’s in the world. Since graduating from the Culinary Institute of America he has been a chef at some of New York’s most celebrated restaurant, like Arcadia and the famed 21club.  After having been on the business the last years, Michael is exited to open up his new place, serving  up some of his favorite dishes.
Michael has cooked for countless celebrities as the Executive Chef at Mickey Mantle’s and as the personal chef for Mayor Koch, where he created memorable meals for the likes of Jackie Onassis, Uma Thurman, Jon Bon Jovi , Hulk Hogan and more.
Michael hosted  Radio Air America’s popular “Wild Salmon” food talk program, created the The Ace Award nominated Cable TV show “Secrets from the Kitchen” and was a finalist on The Next Food Network Star”.