-Jaan, West Palm Beach




-Jen, Delray Beach


Best chicken I’ve had hands down. Skin was perfectly charred. Garlic sauce and Jalapeño cilantro were both excellent.

– Leo, Delray Beach


Unbelievably delicious chicken and side dishes! And that pita bread they serve with the chicken… I dream about it. Great service and great staff- food came out quickly. A must go if you love chicken!

– Ryan F, Boca


-Sherry Ann


Wow!! So delicious.
Everyone needs to discover this place. I am so happy that it is close to work for us. Finally a good place for lunch and well dinner!

My husband had lunch from them a couple of days  ago and tonight he brought home dinner. YUMMY!
I immediately thought, I’ve GOT to write them a review. To my amazement, there’s a person on here who wrote a 2 star review. Like what??? Why in the world would anyone do that? She complains about the prices and “the concept”.  The concept??? The “concept” is good food and quality food shouldn’t be cheap! Having said that I found the prices to be quite reasonable and not exorbitant by any means. Anyhow, I just had to get that off my chest, moving on to my review.

We tried several things. Mashed potatoes, broccoli, mushroom barley, sweet potato chips, zucchini, grilled chicken parm sandwich and of course the chicken! It was all excellent. They give you pretty large portions and you can tell that everything is served with care. Not a single thing is simply prepared or thrown together. It is all tasty & fresh. The jalapeño cilantro sauce and the garlic spread is to die for!

Nothing makes me happier than supporting small local businesses & to witness the beginning of a family business that you just know will succeed.

My husband and I wish you guys the very best. You got this! Just keep doing what you’re doing & thank you for a wonderful meal.

See you soon!

– Diana R, Boca


We came here tonight for the first time and loved it! You are greeted warmly, you aren’t rushed through the menu while you pick…I had the half chicken and the two sides (but I really only needed chicken, roasted garlic and the flat bread) and the hubs had the grilled chicken parm-everything was delicious….if you like lemonade try the tamarind lemonade it’s is the perfect sour-key lime and the pecan pie the best!

– Lesley H, Boca


Finally able to fly into Flybird as I’ve been watching this new spot for a while and following closely to their official opening day! It is isn’t often that a former Food network celeb chef decided to land here so I was anxiously anticipating!
Arrived around noon and the joint was jumping for lunch and there was Chef Michael Salmon at the grill with a big smile. This chef was private chef to many a VIP (former nyc mayor) and he’s been at the helm of some infamous NYC restaurants and food markets too!
Ordered the chicken lunch with some sides it was so juicy and perfectly seasoned not dry and tasteless as so many other places around. This was chicken perfection and grilled veggies were also amazing with side of roasted garlic and grilled flatbread
The only disappointment was their online menu didn’t match what they actually launched with and would love to see them added back (kale Farro and coconut rice please)
Actually thinking about returning for dinner as I heard another person thank the chef for the best grilled  chicken parm they ever had. baked goods were also housemade and I’m sorry I missed that pecan pie on my way out
Have patience as their coop are still getting their act together but your chicken meal will be worth the wait!

– May W, Delray Beach, FL


I moved to Delray six months ago and this is one of the best meals I have had here.  Chicken is moist. The salad was great w excellent feta and homemade dressing.  The bread was yummy and you MUST try the mango tapioca.  It is amazing!  Fly quickly to Flybird. You won’t be disappointed!

– Kim, Delray Beach, FL


This food is home-cooked smoky deliciousness in your mouth! It tastes like your grandmother (who also moonlights as the worlds best chef) cooked a meal full of high quality ingredients, so much flavor, and tons of care just for you.

My wife and I love to cook and eat at home (generally, it’s healthier, less expensive, and more flavorful than the food at most restaurants around here) so we are THRILLED that now there’s a place we can go to on nights we don’t want or have time to cook! We had the chicken (DID I MENTION SMOKY AND DELICIOUS?), grilled vegetables (so light and fresh!), mashed potatoes (sorry, mum, I think these are the best we’ve ever had..), and some insanely good sauces and gravy on the side.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Flybird!! 

– Nick C, Delray Beach, FL