Meet our owner and celebrity chef Michael Salmon!

​Michael was a finalist on THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR and 24 HOUR RESTAURANT CHALLENGE, where he combined his cooking and entertainment skills.​ He was guest chef at the ​world ​famous James Beard House in NYC,​ and Michael was named Restaurateur of the Year by Restaurant Associates​. As personal chef for New York’s Mayor ​E​d Koch Mayor​ and executive chef at Mickey Mantle’s​​, he has created cravable meals for​ Uma Thurman, John Bon Jovi,​ ​Michael Bloomberg​,​ Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Hulk Hogan, ​George Foreman, Derrick Jeter, Alex Rodriguez​ ​and many more!​ 


Come on in and say “just feed me” and I will take care of the rest…

Michael has perfected his char-grilled chicken recipe, and he knows importance of quality ingredients. He sources his chickens from the Amish Country in Pennsylvania. The chickens are raised with love, fresh air, natural foods and without the use of antibiotics, hormones or any artificial ingredients. The chicken is “spatchcocked” or carefully butterflied so they cook more evenly and more quickly. Then the chicken is dry-brined for 24 hours and chargrilled for a crispness and flavor unmatched anywhere. Cravable side orders, savory sandwiches and healthy salads make for an awesome meal for lunch, dinner or any time. Enjoy an ice cold draft beer or an Iced Café Du Monde from New Orleans with your meal.

Sweet tooth?

Our award winning pecan pie,  awesome chocolate chip cookies or sugar-free mango-tapioca pudding will make your meal memorable! Come on down and let Chef Michael and his passionate team show you what authentic hospitality and good eats are all about!

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